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The current CRM utility has been developed using the next tools:

Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit

As part of the Dynamics CRM SDK, you can download this utility for Visual Studio which allows to develop CRM extensions quicker.
Currently this toolkit is only compatible with Visual Studio 2012, but you can trick it and make it compatible with Visual Studio 2013 as well, see the next article.

xRM Test Framework

To test the code here developed, we have used the testing framework xRM Test Framework that provides some great facilities to test custom workflow activities and plugins.
If you download the code and you get the following error "Unable to load odbcji32.dll" running some of the unit tests using the ODBC data driver, just install this Access component


The code has a reference to the library Json.NET, which allows to serialise the parameters that can be passed to the email that is going to be generated.


ILMerge has been used to adapt the CRM Developer Toolkit and merge the common library with the workflow assembly, as well as any required third party library like Json.NET.

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